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How to add MP3 support to your Linux Distribution?

You've just installed a new Linux distribution on your computer and it won't play your MP3 files? All your songs are encoded in that format and you don't know what to do? Well, don't worry. This is a common problem in Linux and it has a simple solution.

How to get widescreen resolution in Linux?

If you own a laptop with widescreen resolution such as 1280x768, 1280x800 or with a high resolution such as 1400x1050, you might have encountered that problem. XWindow shows up in 1024x768, and it doesn't fill the entire width of the screen. If your laptop's graphic card is an Intel 800 or 900 series (Intel 845G, 855G, 865G, 915G, 915GM, and 945G), there is a very easy solution to fix this.

HOWTO: Pick an open source license

You've made the decision to release your code as "open source". Ok, what does that mean, what is an open source license, and how do you pick the right one?

How to block Gnutella with a Linux/Iptables firewall


Many P2P (peer to peer) protocols are rather complex to control using packet filtering firewalls such as Linux's IpTables. This is because they often dont use fixed port numbers, sometimes use multiple connection protocols or even encryption.

The P2PWall project is developing software add-ins for Iptables to overcome these issues. The "Rope" module from the P2PWall project provides a scriptable kernel module for packet identification.

This article describes how to use Linux, Iptables and ROPE to identify (and block) the Gnutella protocol.

Of Modems and Winmodems

Time for a shocker. Device support under Linux is excellent.

Monitoring access to Squid Server

There are many forms for analyze of logs generated by the SQUID, Will be boarded five forms of verification: On-line, for line of command and manual verification through the tools Sarg, Webalizer, Calamaris and Squid-Graph.With the Sarg it is possible to follow with more details the accesses of the users, sees an example as the Sarg generates reports, is possible to configure the Sarg in some languages, trought the archive of configuration /etc/sarg/sarg.conf, the configuration of the Sarg is simple and easy.

Building a Linux Media PCBuilding a Linux Media PC

In this article I'm going to look at a particular sort of setup of a Linux home theatre PC ? one where the primary consideration is space. Suppose you have a small studio apartment, or a bedroom or study where you want to work on your computer, watch movies and TV, and play music and maybe games as well.

Reboot Linux faster using kexecr using kexec

Even if your work doesn't require you to reboot your Linux machine several times a day, waiting for a system to reboot can be a real drag. Enter kexec. Essentially, kexec is a fast reboot feature that lets you reboot to a new Linux kernel -- without having to go through a bootloader.

Writing portable shell scripts

Shell scripts are a popular choice for writing small

programs that do file manipulation. They are generally portable across platforms, but there are a number of things that can make a shell script work fine on one machine and fail on another. This article reviews some of the issues shell programmers may run into when trying to write widely portable scripts.

Customizing a 2.6-based kernel

The following whitepaper is the first in a series by

William von Hagen on using the new Linux 2.6 kernel,

with a special emphasis on the primary issues in

migrating existing drivers, applications, and embedded Linux deployments to a Linux distribution based on the 2.6 kernel. Material presented is largely vendor-neutral.