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Linux makeover

All that Linux needs now is a good GUI.

Installing Linux on an iMAC

Learn how to Install Linux on iMAC, the latest MAC's from Apple.

Linux under Test

PC Magazine puts Linux to test and compares it with other Operating Systems.

IBM says Linux not yet ready for Desktop

IBM executives says that Linux lacks Desktop applications but reconfirms strong commitment to Linux as server

Dell offers Linux on workstations, servers

Dell has started offering Linux as an option on the Servers and Workstations

Is Red Hat a mini Microsoft?

Could Red Hat the most popular Linux distribution become the next Microsoft?

SAP announces support for Linux

SAP, one of the largest ERP vendors will releases SAP R/3 for Linux

LinuxWorld preview

Developments at the LinuxWorld expo.

Reviews of different Linux distributions

Don't know which Linux distribution to choose? Read on...

Inter with Linus Torvalds: Beyond Tech

Interview with Linus Torvalds at LinuxWorld