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FreeOS.com Launched

September 20, 1999

In order to service a worldwide community of computer users who subscribe to operating systems which are distributed gratis, FreeOS.com, a premier website, has been launched by a group of Indians operating out of Mumbai city.

The concept of a free Operating System opposes that of the existing norm in which users pay for the underlying systems that their computers operate on. As an example, it is unlikely to find too much information on the popular but commercial platforms like Windows, DOS and the like.

The website purports freedom of documentation for most of the popular operating systems which are not charged for. Linux, one of the most popular systems given gratis, is most elaborately documented. This is primarily due to the fact that it has acquired volumes that has given jitters to the large corporations that manufacture commercially saleable platforms.

Added features available on the site are a database of articles from around the world, edited and crisply concise to provide the information seeker with all the inputs without indulging in overtly elaborate details. Links to download sites and master sites for the various free operating systems are provided too.

It may be interesting to note that distributors of such systems charge, if any, only for the media (be it CD or website hosting or such like). The alternative charge could be for any value-added or customised service the distributor provides.

FreeOS.com arrives at a point in the information age when such operating systems are gaining gargantulan proportions. Even more significant is the fact, that since most such operating systems are distributed with their source code, it enables users to hone into the actual working of the system from scratch and even modify the code to suitably suit their personal or professional needs.
FreeOS.com currently caters to the needs those using the following Free Operating Systems:

GNU Hurd

FreeOS.com supports all Free Operating Systems but as of now most of the activity is happening on the Linux front. Linux is the fastest growing Operating System and is has got more recognition than any Free Operating System. This is a victory for the Free Software community.

This release was also posted on LinuxPR.com