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Linux Garage: KDE Utilities

KDE Utilities

Acrobat Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader ships with Caldera. Use it for

handling PDF files as you would in Windows.

Ark: It is a program for managing and quickly extracting archives. Has

drag and drop features.

Kclipper: Keep track of your cut & Paste history with Kclipper. Sits as an

icon on your taskbar.

KJots: A program for writing and organizing small notes.

GV: Postscript Viewer

KHexedit: This is a small and simple editor for binary files.

KMenuedit: A program for changing Kpanel menus

Kpm: A process management tool - kpm allows you to view and modify the

processes on your Linux machine. It shows detailed information about

computer resources like RAM, swap space, CPU utilization etc. You can also

stop and modify the processes.

KCalc: An advanced calculator program.

KDE Multimedia Utilities

CD Player: Looks and works just like the Windows CD player.

KMedia: This is KDE's generic media player.

KMid: KMid is KDE's midi and karaoke multimedia player with features like

real time graphics and karaoke text highlighting among others.

Internet tools

KArchie: Use KArchie to search for and retrieve files on the internet

through FTP.

KBiff: KBiff is a mail notification utility for KDE with support for POP3,

IMAP4 and other major mailbox formats.

KSirc: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. I had figure out how to

use this on my own as no help was provided.

Netscape Communicator: Quite a let down when compared to its Windows

cousin. The only plus point is the ease with which you can migrate your

account from Windows to Linux.

Kppp: Ksaferppp is a dialer and front end for the ppp daemon. Allows you

to select from a list of available ISP's and establish a PPP connection

with it Once connected, it gives a rich set of statistics and keeps track

of online time.

KMail: KMail is KDE's email client. Easy to setup and use, however has a

very poor address book. Does not allow you to migrate or export accounts

from other programs.

KNU: The KDE Network Utilities program. Allows you to make a ping, a

traceroute and a finger query from the GUI itself.

KRN: Krn is a newsreader program for KDE.

KDE Office Tools

KAB Address Book: KAB is a simple program for storing address. You can