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SUSE Linux 10 - a.k.a. Mercedes Linux

  1. 1.A “Search application” button in the Start Menu – very useful considering that the complete install will result in over 1000 applications being installed on your machine. When you type in the name of the program you are looking for, it gets highlighted in the Menu.
  2. 2.YAST - The install/remove software button has been replaced by the more fancy 'Software Management” title. The functionality of YaST Support Module has changed. You can use the module to prepare a support request and collect information about your system.
  3. 3.Novell AppArmor – found in YaST Control Center, this latest from Novell is supposed to protect your applications from software exploits. You can set up a profile to define what an application is allowed to do or not. So even if the application is exploited, it doesn't affect the entire system.

    More info on AppArmor was supposed to be found at /usr/share/doc/packages/subdomain-docs/apparmor-userguide.pdf. However this file was not present on my system, instead I found a file called adv_ug_apparmor.pdf at the above location, which was quite informative.

  4. 4.Novell has also incorporated a new technology called Xen in this version as a preview. Xen allows you to run multiple instances of the Linux within the same system in their own virtual space.

No complaints on that though. The overall experience of using SUSE Linux 10 is really great. Smooth, seamless and fast are the words I would use to describe it. I really wonder why anyone would still want to stick to Windows.