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Linux Basics : First Steps Into Linux

The mkdir command

This command is used to create new a new directory. Its syntax is


-optional_flag directory_name

The possible flags are


-v directory_name

Tell what is going on.


-p directory_with_path

This is

a cool command. Suppose you need a directory named SEIT within another

directory called PVPP in /usr/local and the parent directory PVPP

itself does not exist, then you can use :

mkdir -p /usr/local/PVPP/SEIT

This command creates the PVPP directory and the SEIT subdirectory in one


The man command

For someone new to linux, the man command is one of the most important

commands. The syntax is:



Suppose you have not understood fully one of the above commands or want

to find out about a new command you have learnt , the man command

provides a manual for that command




will show you a manual on the cp command and so on.

I think that is enough material to keep you busy for a few hours and get

you through some of the elementary tasks in Linux. So farewell friends,

until we meet again.

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