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SuSE 7.1 Professional: what 7.0 should have been...

There weren't any other surprises in store for us except for a pleasant one. Yast2 has been beefed up further. All your hardware and software initialization/installation can be accomplished through Yast. One thing they heard us on was the inclusion of a search utility in Yast2. What they ignored was a better implementation of text mode Yast2. Text mode remains a horrible crude implementation. An interface like Yast1 will be greatly appreciated. Not all of us sit in the GUI, so we would appreciate if some action would be taken here.

And where upgrading to SuSE is concerned, upgrades from 6.4 and 7.0 releases of SuSE were smooth and no post-installation problems were detected.


SuSE 7.1 is definitely the version that should have held the 7.0 tag. We also have no hesitation in calling this a `Must' upgrade. There's a huge amount of software, excellent documentation and a nice user-friendly installation routine packed in this. To sum it up-- go for it!