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IBM's Linux Wristwatch

There are many feature-packed embedded gadgetry available around us. But the lean part is the power drain on the battery caused by them. The Linux wristwatch is powered by a specially fabricated Ni-Cd battery, which lasts 4 days without IR support and for 2 days with IR support. One of the major tasks that the researchers are working on is finding out ways and means of extending the battery life.

With the Linux wristwatch, IBM has demonstrated the viability of Linux across a wide spectrum of platforms, from large enterprise servers to medium sized and small servers, workstations, desktops, laptops and now a small intelligent device. Though the set of software and hardware developed by IBM has been presently packaged in a high-function wristwatch prototype, they can be utilized in several other small and wearable form factors. With Linux becoming an industry standard, it's important that developers be able to create new applications across all platforms, including pervasive devices, and IBM's research seeks to further that work. Future enhancements will include a high-resolution screen and applications that would allow the watch to be used as an access device for various internet-based services such as up-to-the-minute information about weather, traffic conditions, sports and etc.

The availability of source code and a well understood, application-programming environment makes it easy for students, researchers and software companies to add new features and develop applications.

We would like to thank the following people for their help and guidance in getting together this article:

.Vishal Kulkarni, Senior Design Engineer at IBM Bangalore

.Vijay K Sukthankar, Program Manager at IBM Global Services, Bangalore