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This watch runs on a powerful processor with eight megabytes of Flash memory (read/write) and eight megabytes of DRAM. The users interact with the watch through a combination of a touch-sensitive screen and a roller wheel. It is also fabricated to connect on the Radio Frequencies. A rechargeable lithium-polymer battery powers this wearable device having a 96x112 pixel LCD display. Its motherboard measures 27.5X35.3 mm (roughly the size of a postage stamp!) and is a 6-layer surface mounted board. The Linux implementation is based on the version 2.2.1 of the ARM Linux Kernel, while the boot loader was created in-house at IBM. In one of the demonstrations a TTY emulator was hooked through the serial port, which is a part of the watch and one was actually able to enter Linux commands and see them being printed back. This watch in addition to featuring a built-in microphone and a tiny speaker also contains a reset button. According to the Project leader Mr. Alex Morrow, the plan is to include a couple of games and gradually escalate its functionality to that of a little PDA.