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Opera 4 beta 4 for Linux

  • Good download capability, shows enough information to be useful but not

    too much, so doesn't overwhelm the novice user.

  • Fonts and font sizes are completely customizable.
  • Appears to have a quick startup and a small memory footprint -- always



  • For some reason, the http://localhost/ address was unavailable, though

    lynx and Netscape could see it easily enough. Opera seems to have trouble

    with localhost -- ftp was unavailable, as well. Maybe it's in the DNS

    code, as the IP had no problem.

  • The help system is not yet implemented. It's not really necessary, but one

    would like to have some help at certain points. For example, how does one

    add plugins? Say, for Java and Flash? The Enable Java option is itself


  • The registration fee is another put-off for Linux users used to freebies.
  • The download manager could use some work -- support for resumes and

    aborting downloads in progress.

  • Why is the "Set as home page" option a menu item instead of being in

    preferences? The menu system needs some work.

  • There doesn't appear to be a way to change key bindings -- this is

    important to Linux power lusers. For that matter, where is the list of key



    Don't be put off by the negatives, remember this is a beta release.

    Very good browser. Slightly quirky, but they all are. I'd give it a 4

    out of 5. I'll definitely use a stable version regularly -- maybe

    even make it my default browser.