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StarOffice 5.2: How good?


Settings). Under Linux, it points to the KDE menu.

The top half of the star menu has the following StarOffice functions:

1.Text Document





6.More -- Is further divided into:

1. HTML page

2. Frameset

3. Master Document

4. Database

5. Chart

6. Image

7. Formula

8. Labels

9. Business Cards

To create a presentation, click on 'FILE' on the menu and select 'NEW'. Go

to 'PRESENTATION' or just click on start and then click on presentation.

Now select the type of template or create your own template and go on with

it. You can set the slides to change automatically (useful for corporate

presentations and training) and also set the duration for the display of

each slide. There are also different types of slide templates available

for the type of presentation you would like to create. Star0ffice 5.2

saves a presentation file with the extension of '.sdd'. For most

presentations, we found StarOffice to be very competent.

To create a spreadsheet, do as above and go to 'SPREADSHEET'. The

spreadsheet feels very similar to Microsoft Excel -- same look and feel,

same features and functions. The extension saved is '.sdc'. One can also

create Graphs, Pie Charts and Statistics on spreadsheets.

Documents are just like your Microsoft Word, it gets the extension of

'.sdw' and '.sgl' when you save a file. Page setup is the standard A4 that

can be modified as per requirements. The Font selection drop down bar

allows the user to preview the font style right there, instead of going to

Format > Character as in Microsoft Word 97. StarWrite does a very good job

for most editing jobs. People are not always looking for the range of

options that Microsoft Word provides. This review has been done on

StarWriter and we didn't face any problems. The lack of a good grammar

check takes a few points away but for the most part, this is a great

replacement for Microsoft Word.

StarOffice 5.2 comes with an HTML editor that is quite similar to

Microsoft FrontPage 98. Like Front page, the HTML editor puts in a lot of

unnecessary tags, which clog up the HTML code. Creating Framesets is also

a possibility in Star Office 5.2. This application generates code and

creates a frame according to the user's specifications. The HTML editor

may be fine for basic home pages but most people will want to use a proper