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Doing the Samba

like LinNeighborhood or xSMBrowser. KDE's kruiser file browser also has a

network neighbourhood browser that works exactly like windows explorer

does. All are very easy and intuitive to use.

Print Services

Samba allows Unix clients to print to Windows printers and back. Whichever

way you plan to print, you will need to setup the printer to work locally

before you can allow clients to print to it. Setting up the Printer under

Windows is quite a easy task. For setting up the printer under Linux you

will need to read the Printing HOWTO. Most distributions already include

tools to help you do that.

Once the printer is setup and is working locally you can move on to

configuring it to work with Samba.

Printing From Linux

Under Redhat you can simple use the printtool utility to setup the SMB

printer. Printtool is an X program so you need to be running X and you

also need to be root.

1. Start the printtool program and choose to add a printer.

2. Printer type will be SMB/Windows printer.

3. In the box that opens up. Leave the printer name at the default lp or

name it if you want to. This is not the printer name of the printer

on the server. Leave spool directory at default too. As servername, enter

the name of the computer that has the printer. If you want then you can

enter the IP address of the server too. Printer name will be the name

with which the printer is shared on the server. If access to the printer

service is restricted by a Username and Password combination then enter

those. Enter the workgroup the printer is on. Finally you need to choose

your print filter. Choose the printer that matches your printer or is the

closest match to your printer. The print filter is important because then

Linux can send output to your printer in the correct format otherwise you

get only garbage.

4. That's it. Restart the lpd daemon. Now you can print normally from any

application or from the command-line using lpr. The printer output will be

redirected to the printer on the server.

In Suse you can use YAST to setup the SMB printer. Go into System

Administration / Network Configuration / Connect to printer via Samba. The

same set of options will apply there too.

Another very good option for printing is apsfilter. Get it from