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Interview with Mike Cowpland, Corel CEO

looking at the Web site as a revenue generator and are keen to develop a lot

more traffic to our portal Corelcity.com.

Is Corel's Web site powered by Corel Linux?

Some part of it is on Solaris and Window NT, but the trend would be towards

moving to Corel Linux.

What are Corel's plans for India?

We are optimistic about the potential of the Indian market and are very very

keen on it. It is a huge market and English is commonly used. We also think

India is natural for Linux because it needs computers at the lowest possible

cost. Why would they want to pay the high price of Windows when they don't

have to? At the same time it is full of computer scientist who can improve

Linux because they have access to the source code. So India can become a major

contributor to Linux since they can all see the source code, use the source

code and be a part of the improvement. So it's much more exciting for India

than simply being a part of Microsoft's monopoly.

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