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An Introduction to JDBC


used. When the mouse was located over the document, a window was

displayed with the title of the document. Sometimes, more than one

document can have the same frequency of occurrence of a keyword. In

such cases the window displays multiple titles of documents. The color

of the circle changes to white to indicate the document where the

mouse is located. There is also an option to click on a box in the

window to retrieve the text corresponding to the document in a

separate window.


This article gives the basics of working with JDBC under Linux. We

described the design of JDBC, installation of JDBC for Mysql, and

example code to retrieve/store data. Metadata statements can be used

to interrogate the structure of a database and its tables. Finally, we

looked at an example the use of a search engine with JDBC and Java.

Viewing the results from a Java applet made the users' task more

interesting than through a CGI program.