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Ubuntu CTO's time well spent: Linking Ubuntu back to Debian

Ubuntu credits its origins to Debian, the parent distribution. Ubuntu CTO is now find a way to link back Ubuntu to Debian with DEX -- a way to coordinate patches and updates between the two distros.

"DEX is all about action: merging patches, fixing bugs, crunching data, whatever is necessary to get changes from derivatives into Debian proper. DEX doesn’t try to change the way any existing project works, but adds a “fast path” for getting code from one place to another," writes Matt Zimmerman, Ubuntu CTO, in a blog entry.

This project could expand to other Debian-based Linux distros, such as Linux Mint, Xandros and Damn Small Linux (DSL), writes the H Online in a brief.

The list of ancient patches that need to updated or trashed, and their status are on this website.

I like the typically cooperative nature of open-source developers. I also like the push to expose Debian to a new generation of developers who started with Ubuntu or Xandros. There was a time -- just two years ago -- when Debian slipped, and the once-powerful distro went into long hibernation.

In early February, the hibernated Debian version 6.0 stable version was released with 29,000 packages, and is available for download on Debian's website.

The development behind Debian has still been at best has been hot and cold, so it needed an infusion of new developers.

But as Ubuntu CTO, Zimmerman has better things to do than spend time on this. Look forward to the future, don't delve on the past. Ubuntu has a lot to do -- like perhaps appearing in tablets and smartphones.